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Progress is being made in developing renewable and solar energy project regulations for Winneshiek County

Posted: Mon, Jul 6, 2020 2:41 PM

The Winneshiek County Zoning Commission has been working for the past nine months to come up with regulations for renewable wind and solar energy projects in the county.

The group's study of the issues involved started last October and included two public meetings this winter, one about solar energy and one about wind energy.  Winneshiek County Planning & Zoning Commission Chair Wendy Stevens says their work is beginning to wrap up now.

Stevens visited with county supervisors Monday to clarify some remaining issues.  After the meeting, she said it's likely the proposed regulations will be issued in August, with County Planning & Zoning Commission action on the regulations in September and County Board action on the regulations in October.

The regulations are being created to encourage solar energy and wind energy generation while also protecting the health, safety and welfare of county residents.  The regulations would apply to solar and wind energy installations outside city limits of all cities in the county.