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UPDATED: Paul Scott comment: Let's applaud Jeremiah Chapman of Charles City at his first at-bat Tuesday night in Decorah

Posted: Tues, Jul 7, 2020 4:08 PM

(The following is a comment by's Paul Scott):

I hope you had a chance to read our story ( about how at least one Waverly-Shell Rock baseball fan last week hurled racial insults at a Black Charles City baseball player in a game between the two schools.

Before you start condemning Waverly for this behavior on the part of their fans, realize that all it takes is one person in any community who is not embarrassed to be a racist in front of a crowd of people.  In short, this could have just as well happened in Decorah.

I know--you're going to say, "but Decorah isn't that kind of a town."  I would agree.  But I would also say one racist person shouting at a Black baseball player can tar an entire community if that community doesn't take steps to show that's not what they're about.

That brings me to this Tuesday evening in Decorah when--as fate would have it--Jeremiah Chapman and the rest of the Charles City Comets will play baseball against Decorah at Olejniczak Field.  Originally, I had suggested creating signs of support for Jeremiah and bringing them to the game. 

But, being a typical teenager, Jeremiah doesn't want all that attention, according to family sources.  So come to the game and just applaud Jeremiah during his first at bat.  The demonstration will be different, but the goal will be the same--letting him know we want him to feel comfortable in Decorah and we're happy he's visiting town"