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City of Decorah officials begin to discuss what reopening city offices would look like

Posted: Tue, May 19, 2020 11:28 AM

Decorah City Administrator Chad Bird says it's possible City Hall would reopen to the public June 1st or 2nd.  "We need to be careful about it," Bird told city council members Monday night, but added that discussions have begun about what kind of safety precautions would have to be taken if City Hall, which has been locked down to members of the public, were to reopen.
Other city offices would face similar questions.
The Pulpit Rock Campground has reopened to the public, with Park-Rec Director Andy Nimrod reporting the campground was almost full the past weekend, despite its restrooms and showers being locked down.  Nimrod also says the Park-Rec Department is waiting as long as it can before making a decision on whether to open or close the swimming pool for the season.  He says Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will make another announcement May 27th, so it's likely Decorah's decision will come shortly afterwards.  Cedar Rapids and Iowa City have already decided to close swimming pools for the summer.  Waukon and Charles City are in the process of making decisions this week.