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Dahly Bridge neighbors told to remove "No Trespassing" signs on county right-of-way

Posted: Mon, May 18, 2020 11:34 AM

Winneshiek County Supervisors agree that there is a parking problem at the Dahly Bridge—one of the most popular put-in spots on the Upper Iowa River.  That problem hasn't improved with construction of the new bridge, replacing the old bridge which collapsed into the river in 2017.

But supervisors voted unanimously Monday morning to tell neighboring property owners they have until this Friday to remove "No Trespassing" and "Private Property" signs which have been posted on land near the bridge—land for which Winneshiek County has an easement.

Property owners Donna Thomas and Jerome Henry met virtually with county supervisors Monday. Three of the supervisors—John Logsdon, Mark Kuhn and Dean Thompson—visited the bridge in the last week.  They agreed with the property owners there is a parking problem at the bridge, but Logsdon pointed out to the property owners "you can't post a sign on land you don't own."

Supervisor Dean Thompson made the motion to tell the nearby property owners to remove the signs by Friday—or county crews would and the property owners would be billed.

Supervisor John Beard stated, "We need all of us working together" to solve the parking issues and hoped there could be ways to promote better public behavior near the bridge, so there wouldn't be problems with littering and blocking of farm driveways.

The two sides will continue to meet to discuss the issue.