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Alliant Energy announces project to bury fiber optic cable in Decorah

Posted: Sun, May 17, 2020 3:48 PM
Project map, supplied by Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy will begin a project to bury electrical wires in conduit under four major Decorah streets starting as soon as Monday.

The utility has notified its Decorah customers the project in their neighborhood.  Directional drilling crews from West Union Trenching will install conduit under the right-of-way area between the street and the sidewalk.  The project should take two to four weeks. Electric service and other utilities along the route will not be affected.

Work will start near the intersection of Highway 9 and Division Street. Crews will move north up Mill Street, then turn east onto Main Street. At the end of Main Street, they'll turn south onto Montgomery Street and will continue burying cable until they reach Alliant Energy's substation.  The buried cable project will involve fiber optic cable.

A second crew--a restoration crew--will return the areas to their original condition. They'll complete restoration work in a few days, weather permitting. Otherwise, restoration will be done as soon as the weather allows.  
Anyone with concerns or questions, can contact Alliant at 1-800-ALLIANT.