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The City of Decorah will take its complaints about Alliant Energy to the Iowa Utilities Board

Posted: Mon, May 11, 2020 6:20 PM

The Decorah City Council will use two different techniques to let the Iowa Utilities Board know the council's complaints about Alliant Energy.

On a 5-2 vote Monday night, the city council voted to have City Administrator Chad Bird and City Attorney John Anderson prepare a draft of an informal complaint to be sent to the IUB about Alliant's actions.  The letter will discuss the city council's opinion that Alliant used the City of Decorah's need for a franchise agreement as a way to prevent another timely vote on setting up a municipal electric utility in Decorah.

In addition to the informal complaint, the City of Decorah will also prepare comments to add to the file in Alliant Energy's previous rate increase case.  The Iowa Utilities Board stated in its rate case ruling in January that "The lack of transparency and misrepresentation in the Decorah municipalization vote is of significant concern to the (IUB)" and required Alliant "to submit a plan to ensure that information presented to communities considering any anticipated rate changes is accurate and current."