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It's "MATHCOUNTS Week" this week

Posted: Sun, May 10, 2020 11:19 AM
(Front row, from left): Ana Simon, Clara Hjelle and Keaton Nalean-Carlson; (Middle right): Anders Lovstuen; (Back row, from left): Aiden Nalean-Carlson, Alexander McGohan and Shlok Patel

This week is National MATHCOUNTS Week, with online events planned, including guest speakers and online competitions.

The Decorah Middle School's MATHCOUNTS teams took part in a local competition on January 16th and the eighth grade team of Anders Lovstuen, Alexander McGohan, Aiden Nalean-Carlson and Shlok Patel placed first, with Lovstuen and McGohan finishing second and ninth respectively as individuals. The sixth grade participants, Clara Hjelle, Keaton Nalean-Carlson, and Ana Simon, all placed in the top 60 percent of the sixth through eighth grade field.

At the regional competition held on February 6th, the eighth grade team placed fifth, and Anders Lovstuen placed eighth as an individual, qualifying him for the state competition.  At the state competition held on March 10th Anders Lovstuen finished in the top half in the state.