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Java John's Coffee House open for limited dine in service... with a reservation

Posted: Wed, May 6, 2020 10:28 AM

Java John's co-owner Kim Bosworth says the decision to open the coffee house for limited dine in service is a decision she, her husband, and her son did not take lightly. "We stewed about what to do, especially knowing most of our local businesses decided not to open. We certainly understand and respect their decisions to remain closed for dine in. We listened to voices on both sides and definitely wanted to keep health and safety of customers and employees at the forefront."

Bosworth says she and her son "put their thinking caps on" to brainstorm how they could recall the entire Java John's staff and open in a safe and limited capacity for dine in. The word "limited" stuck with them, and an idea emerged to continue their curbside/carryout option, but also allow for dine in with limited seating by reservation only. "This seemed like a good compromise," explains Bosworth, "one we had control over."

The Bosworths have designated specific tables for dine in use and have restricted the use of the others. "We only accept reservations for around 3 tables/booths at any one time," explains Bosworth. "This keeps the numbers inside Java John's very low and controlled with a good deal of space between people--abiding by the social distancing guidelines. People may call in to make a reservation or stop by to see if we have one available at the time."

"We began our dine in with reservations option last Saturday, and we have had several reservations each day--a few regulars who wanted to come back, and a few people just wanting to feel normal," says Bosworth. "One couple wanted to come for the lunch special, a farmer wanted to read the paper and have coffee like usual, two guys wanted to use their computers and conduct business over coffee, and a family came in for breakfast while waiting for an appointment. We do not expect everyone to feel safe dining in, but we are doing our best to provide a safe and welcoming environment for those who are ready to take the plunge."

Bosworth says, "We have revamped our menu options to meet the needs of customers while also limiting or scaling back some food to not be wasteful. We provide sanitizer in the front door entry and ask anyone coming in to use the sanitizer upon entering. Our staff wear masks, gloves are used when handling food or containers, all tables and booths are immediately sanitized when vacated, restrooms, door knobs, and counters are cleaned and sanitized frequently, and our employees are educated about appropriate health and safety guidelines for themselves and for the operation to ensure that we are doing our best to keep people safe."

Java John's can accommodate small groups that meet the Governor's guidelines for a scheduled, reserved block of time, and will continue to serve others with appropriate social distancing guidelines.  For those who are not ready for dine in, Java John's will continue to provide curbside and carryout options. "We are hoping that our middle ground plan will work for our customers and community while we remain flexible and adaptable as needed," says Bosworth.

For updates and daily specials, visit or call 563-382-5690 for a dine in reservation.