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April was a fairly typical weather month in Decorah

Posted: Mon, May 4, 2020 10:46 AM

Decorah weather statistician Richard Bernatz says weather in Decorah in April was about average, when measured against the last 127 years.  63 Aprils were warmer and 63 Aprils were cooler than this year's average temperature of 47.7 degrees.

April was slightly drier than normal, but the monthly total of 2.14 inches of rain meant 89 Aprils were wetter and 37 were drier.

The biggest difference in this April's weather, when compared to the other 126 Aprils for which records have been kept—the average high temperature in Decorah this April was almost 2 degrees above normal.  That was offset by an average low temperature which was 1 degree cooler than normal.