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Collins Aerospace plant in Freeport has been closed for two days as a COVID-19 preventative measure

Posted: Fri, Mar 20, 2020 12:13 PM
Cleaning crews were at work Friday

Crews are doing a thorough cleaning of the Collins Aerospace plant in Decorah's Freeport industrial park as part of a response to a COVID-19 situation.

Collins Aerospace media relations spokesperson Megan Strader says a third-party contractor showed some symptoms of the coronavirus, but it has not yet been determined whether the person has COVID-19.

Strader says the plant was closed Thursday and remains closed Friday as a precaution, while crews do a thorough cleaning of the facility.

Additionally, Collins Aerospace staff have been surveying plant employees to determine if any of them were in contact with the third-party contractor for a long enough time that the Collins employees should begin a 14-day self-sequestering.