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Fast Internet service becomes more important with many people at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic

Posted: Wed, Mar 18, 2020 4:03 PM

With schools shut down and many people working from home, having a good home Internet connection will be important over the next four weeks.

Officials from the two largest Internet service providers in Decorah—CenturyLink and Mediacom—are promising their networks can handle the higher traffic volumes.

A CenturyLink official says, "Our Network Operations Center is constantly monitoring usage across our network. These teams can quickly add capacity, modify paths, and adjust traffic based on customer utilization. We're prepared to ensure traffic flows smoothly across our network, regardless of increased demand."

Mediacom's EVP of Operations John Pascarelli says, "By helping as many people as possible get online, we hope to create opportunities for patients to safely connect with their doctors through telemedicine applications, for students to continue their studies online, and for employees to work from home."