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Ask The Answer Person: "Why are people buying so much toilet paper?"

Posted: Sun, Mar 15, 2020 3:06 PM
(Basic image by Thomas Malyska from Pixabay. Augmentation by the Answer Person Fake News Squad)

(A number of readers have contacted us with the same general question: "Why are people buying so many rolls of toilet paper as a response to the coronavirus outbreak?"):

The Answer Person says: "To some people, this might seem surprising.  But we activated the Answer Person Fake News Squad--and we discovered a surprising story!

The answer is that putting a roll of toilet paper on your head--and carrying it on your head all day--is the most effective way to prevent catching COVID-19.  Sure, other people say you should practice good hygiene and avoid large crowds, but the Answer Person Fake News Squad found this photo of someone who obviously knows better than experienced health professionals what the right step is to protect yourself*.

*--Your experience may vary!