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Walmart says it has taken steps to counteract hoarding

Posted: Sun, Mar 15, 2020 2:54 PM

With more than 11,500 stores, Walmart is the world's largest retailer.  That means it is feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.  There have been reports of shoppers trying to hoard items purchased at the stores.

Walmart says it is dedicated to keeping stores stocked and prices fair. A statement from the company says, "We will work to keep our stores stocked and prices fair. As one would expect, paper products, cleaning supplies and other items are in high demand as customers prepare for the possible impact of COVID-19. We are working to replenish those items quickly, including diverting products to areas of the country where they are needed most and routing deliveries directly to stores."

Local store managers have been given the power to limit sales quantities on items that are in unusually high demand.

The company also says it is taking a firm stance related to the potential for price gouging by third-party sellers: "Violations of our seller pricing policy and seller prohibited items policy will not be tolerated and will be resolved quickly."  Walmart is asking customers to contact the store to report any violations they see.