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Decorah School Board discusses COVID-19 concerns

Posted: Mon, Mar 9, 2020 9:11 PM
Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Decorah School Board addressed growing concerns about the COVID-19 virus at Monday night's meeting. As the number of cases in Iowa increases, so do the Decorah community's questions about schools closing and what to do to stay safe.

Superintendent Mark Lane tackled the questions about schools closing head on. He said, "This is not a decision we will take lightly.  If a decision needs to be made, the Iowa Department of Health and the Decorah administrators will have discussions."  If schools were to be closed, parents and students would be informed in the same way messages about school delays and cancellations are relayed. Texts and emails will be sent out, if it ever becomes a necessity to do so.

While the situation is ever-evolving, everyone is encouraged to take a deep breath and look at the facts. 

School Board member Krista Vanden Brink reminded everyone at the meeting that the suggestions the district is receiving from the Iowa Department of Health about warding off COVID-19 are the same precautions that are already being used against the influenza virus. She said, "What we normally do to protect ourselves from the flu is what we need to do to prevent COVID-19 from spreading."

Vanden Brink continued, "Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, cover your sneezes and your coughs with your elbow, and stay home if you're sick." She went on to emphasize the importance of accessing and spreading credible facts about the virus.  "Educate yourself and others," she said.

Iowa now has 8 positive cases of COVID-19  (7 in Johnson county, 1 in Pottawattamie county). For up-to-date information about COVID-19, check out the Iowa Department of Health's website.