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Decorah woman offers hope and healing through "Struggles and Strengths"

Posted: Sun, Mar 8, 2020 11:31 AM

Heather Groth is a local author, speaker, and mother of four. She is also the founder of Struggles and Strengths -- a platform to help individuals connect in order to share their struggles and build each other up into their strengths.

Groth says Struggles and Strengths developed originally as a book, but over time it grew into a series, then a community, and finally into a small business offering public speaking, and life coaching. "Struggles and Strengths is about empowering people to transform their struggles into strengths by leaning into God so they can become a confident, healthy, faith centered individual," explains Groth.
In "Mysterious Ways," the first of Groth's three-book memoir series, she shares her heart as she opens up about her own struggles of adopting three school age siblings with a trauma bond, a co-dependent relationship, and battles with anxiety and depression. "Through the series the reader will get to know me, and hopefully trust me so that we can join together as community of like-minded individuals," says Groth.

Groth hopes Struggles and Strengths can help the Decorah area by providing a community for people to come together to grow their mind, bodies, and souls.

You can find "Mysterious Ways" at Dragonfly Books in Decorah. To learn more about Stuggles and Strengths, visit