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How many students are attending Luther College this school year?

Posted: Wed, Mar 4, 2020 2:35 PM

There has been some staff turnover in Luther College's Assessment and Institutional Research office, which is why there's been a delay this year in being able to answer a fairly simple question: "How many students are attending Luther College?"

But a new director of the office has been hired and now can answer this commonly-asked question.  Total enrollment for the 2019 fall semester was 1,951 students.  By comparison, total enrollment for the 2018 fall semester was 2,005 students, meaning enrollment this fall was down by 54 students, or 2.7 percent from 2018.

For a ten-year period, total enrollment for the 2009 fall semester at Luther College was 2,519 students.  That means enrollment is down 568 students from a decade ago, or 22.5 percent.  However, the greatest drops in enrollment have come in the last five years.  Total enrollment for the 2014 fall semester at Luther College was 2,385 students, which means enrollment is down 434 students in five years, or 18 percent.

College enrollments can be measured in several ways.  It's possible to compare figures for "full-time equivalent" students, which takes into account that some students are attending part-time.  It's also possible to look at January Term or Spring Term enrollments, but the most commonly-used metric for comparing enrollment figures is the total fall enrollment.