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Alliant Energy says it will respond to Decorah Area Group's letter by submitting a plan to the Iowa Utilities Board by April 7th

Posted: Sun, Feb 9, 2020 1:29 PM

The Decorah Area Group earlier this year filed a motion with the Iowa Utilities Board, asking it for clarification of the board's ruling that Alliant must submit a plan to ensure that "accurate and current" information is presented to communities within the Alliant service area which consider creating a municipal electric utility.

The issue arose because in its ruling the Iowa Utilities Board chastised Alliant for "withholding from and not providing to the citizens of Decorah accurate information about anticipated rate increases" during the 2018 municipal electric referendum in Decorah. 

The DAG then filed a motion with the IUB, contending the IUB left out wording telling Alliant how and when such information should be presented.

Now comes a response from Alliant which says the IUB doesn't need to issue such a clarification because the IUB ruling "clearly requires (Alliant's) compliance filing related to municipalization be made within 90 days."

Said the filing by Alliant, "The discussion of this issue was part of the broader discussion on management efficiency and the (IUB's) discussion concludes by ordering (Allliant) 'to file a comprehensive plan addressing how it intends [to] improve its relationships with its customers.'"

Alliant says in its filing that it is currently developing the comprehensive plan, "and it will include the Board-ordered plan to provide accurate and current information to communities considering municipalization."

The utility concludes by stating, "it is our intention to provide the plan by that deadline of April 7th."