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A trip to Decorah to hear Pete Buttigieg speak may sway this NE Iowa Republican Party leader to change his support

Posted: Mon, Jan 13, 2020 3:02 PM

The Guardian has posted an article about the possibility that a Republican Party county chairperson in Howard County might not support Donald Trump's re-election campaign.

The article, written by the Guardian's Chris McGreal, discusses the ambivalence some Howard County Republicans feel about President Trump.  One of those quoted is Howard County Republican Party Chair Neil Schaffer, who told McGreal, "I went and saw Pete Buttigieg in Decorah. Sounded very moderate, very positive. Hardly even mentioned Trump, which I like. I like to listen to the plans not just the negativity."

Schaffer says he likes what Trump has done with the economy and with keeping the United States out of wars, but he dislikes Trump's divisiveness and his constant use of Twitter.

""I've toyed with this whole idea of Pete Buttigieg just because I love his positive message. That was what was so endearing about Ronald Reagan. It was always that shining city on the hill. Morning in America. Tomorrow's a new day, and it's always gonna be better."

Once again, the complete Guardian article can be found here