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The Iowa Caucuses are three weeks away. Here's what you need to know

Posted: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 3:16 PM

The Iowa Caucuses will be held Monday, February 3rd.

The Winneshiek County Democratic Party has released details about how it will handle the 11 caucus meetings in Winneshiek County.  Each meeting will be held to serve the residents within that Winneshiek County precinct.  To learn what precinct you live in, download the attached map, or check the chart below or contact the Winneshiek County Auditor's Office.

Precinct    Site
1    North Winn gymnasium
2    WinnCo Fairgrounds- Lansing Bldg
3    Decorah High School auditorium
4    Decorah Middle School cafeteria
5    Luther College- CFL Main Hall
6    Luther College- North gymnasium
7    NICC Student Center
8    Ossian Community Center
9    Ridgeway Community Center
10    Fort Atkinson Community Center
11    Decorah Public Library

Anyone who will be an eligible voter on November 3rd may participate in the Democratic Caucuses, so long as they are at least 18 years old by that night.  Any eligible voter who wants to support a Democratic candidate, regardless of current party registration, can participate after registering as a Democrat at the precinct caucuses.  That includes people who decide not to support a candidate.

At each caucus, attendees will gather in groups, depending upon which candidate they support.  Supporters of candidates who fail to attract at least 15% of precinct caucus-goers will be allowed to chose another candidate to support.

The county caucuses kick off a long procedure of determining which delegates attend the National Convention and which candidate the delegates support.  But since Iowa is the first state in the nation to express its preferences for presidential candidates, the Iowa Caucuses have attracted nationwide attention.