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Alliant Energy reacts to the Iowa Utilities Board's ruling on a rate increase

Posted: Thu, Jan 9, 2020 3:04 PM

Alliant Energy officials are pleased with the ruling by the Iowa Utilities Board in Alliant's application for a rate increase.

Said Alliant Energy spokesperson Justin Foss, "We are pleased the IUB approved our settlement agreement, which was supported by a wide coalition of stakeholders. This decision will allow us to continue to provide safe and reliable service to customers. This decision also allows us to continue to promote clean energy and deliver the environmental and financial benefits to customers and communities.

The IUB's order supports the work we've done to collaborate with customers. In 2020, we expect customers will see an enhanced effort to bring them along in the process of powering tomorrow.

With this decision, we are very excited to move forward with our new renewable energy programs and options for customers. One of the new options includes a community solar program. We expect to start taking applications for this program in Iowa early in 2020 and we could start building the new solar garden for the program later in the 2020s."