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Decorah Police Department releases statistics from the most recent Special Traffic Enforcement Program

Posted: Mon, Jan 6, 2020 8:47 AM

The Decorah Police Department has just completed their participation in the Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) that took place December 13th through January 1st. During the sTEP wave, 10 officers from the Decorah Police Department compiled the following statistics:

2 OWI warnings issued (tested below .08 BAC)
1 open container citation issued
1 seat belt citation issued
2 seat belt warnings issued
28 drivers cited for speed
33 drivers warned for speed
2 drivers cited for stop sign/light violations
5 drivers warned for stop sign/light violations
1 driver cited for driving without a license
1 driver warned for driving without a license
1 driver cited for driving while revoked/suspended
2 drivers cited for no poof of insurance
10 drivers warned for no proof of insurance
34 traffic stops made in reference to faulty/inoperable equipment
28 drivers cited/warned for various traffic violations
26 motorists assisted by patrol officers
4 narcotics arrests made

Decorah's pre-wave seatbelt usage was recorded as 83% compliance.
Decorah's post-wave seatbelt usage was recorded at 83% compliance.