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New ways of doing business for the Decorah City Council?

Posted: Thu, Jan 2, 2020 1:43 PM

Members of the Decorah City Council are volunteering suggestions on how the council could do its work more effectively in 2020.

All seven members of the council have filled out a survey asking for ways to improve the effectiveness and decision-making process of the city council.  They offered 26 suggestions, many of which would add to the council members' work loads.

For instance, one council member proposed establishing bi-weekly work sessions on those weeks when the city council wasn't holding a regular meeting.  Another suggested regular planning/visioning sessions for the city council, led by an external consultant.  Still another suggested holding regularly-scheduled retreats in order to better get to know one another.

Several ideas involved communications.  One idea was to have coordinated messages from the city council and city government to the public.  Another idea was for bi-weekly city-produced communications to local news outlets.

Finally, there was support for better communications between City of Decorah employees and the city council.  One suggestion was to hold bi-annual tours of city departments.  Another suggestion was to find ways to better connect with city department heads in planning sessions.

In all, 45 suggestions were made about improving the effectiveness of city government.  Those suggestions are being prioritized so that conversations can continue in the future.