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Ask The Answer Person about Locust Road lighting

Posted: Sun, Dec 1, 2019 4:34 PM

(John, a former Decorah resident and still a frequent visitor, e-mails: "A side note regarding the curve on Locust Road--it sure would be nice if they fixed the street light on the southern end of it. It's been at partial brightness for at least a couple weeks if not longer and it is one of the super duper LED versions."):

The Answer Person says: "We're not sure which particular light you're referring to, since Locust Road as a whole is easily the darkest main thoroughfare in Decorah.

City of Decorah officials are discussing cutting down some of the trees along the side of Locust Road as part of the project.  If that happens, it would open up the road a little bit--especially during the day.

I know you're no longer a resident, John, but your input as a frequent visitor is important--so long as you give it!  It feels good to send an e-mail to The Answer Person, we know, but the important step is to contact City of Decorah officials with your opinions.  You can find the necessary e-mail contacts at the city's website,