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Letter to the Editor: Go back to the original flag policy

Posted: Tue, Nov 19, 2019 9:35 AM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Jacob Voigt of Decorah):

"Recently the Decorah City Council has brought up the proposal of adding the LGBT flag to the city flag policy. This proposal goes against the prior idea of going back to the original policy to only fly certain flags. The LGBT flag being added will only cause more controversy within the public eye.

The city council needs to focus on other things, such as spending priorities and fixing our roads, not supporting groups that do not reflect the whole community. No matter who or what you support if it be the LGBT or any other group, you can fly your flags at home. We do not need political or certain social messages flown on Water Street in downtown Decorah. Our community does not need to become as divided as the entire country is.

If anyone tries to argue that the LGBT is welcoming to everyone, you would be wrong. The group has been politicized by the Democratic Party in many instances.  In the last gay pride parade in Decorah, I believe there were certain Democratic candidates being represented rather it be banners or signs. If a Republican were to go with a piece of clothing that supports Trump, I would be willing to bet they would be torn apart by the 'progressive left' for trying to support the event."