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Decorah Middle School's Mock Trial teams sweep Regionals

Posted: Tue, Nov 19, 2019 9:26 AM
Taking first place at Regionals and representing Decorah at the State Mock Trial competition is Team Master Mockers: (Front row, from left): Cadence Brauer, Brady Bohner, Elizabeth Pritchard, and Libby Phillips. (Back row, from left): Brynn Storhoff, Caden Branum, Gabe Hiner, Jensen Korsness, and Elayna Hook.

Three of Decorah Middle School's five Mock Trial teams are in Des Moines through Thursday at the State Competition.  All five of the middle school's mock trial team swept the Regional Competition at Loras College in Dubuque, going undefeated and earning first through fifth place among 15 teams.

Decorah Middle School's "Master Mockers" of Brady Bohner, Caden Branum, Cadence Brauer, Gabe Hiner, Elayna Hook, Jensen Korsness, Libby Phillips, Liz Pritchard, and Brynn Storhoff placed first in Regionals and is competing at State.

Placing second was "Team 7-10," which consists of Annika Brynsaas, Jorja Folkedahl, Kate Kelly, Simon Kutz, Evon Leitz, Brenna Parker, Shlok Patel, and Abbie Valkosky. The team is competing at State.

Placing third was "Pibb Beverage Co.," which consists of Edyn Bateman, Grace Blikre, Oliver Brummel, Caleb Fey, Natalie Goodner, Kealy Hines, Elsa Johnson, McKenzie Riley, Gwen Thompson, and Kamryn Werges. The team is competing at State.

Placing fourth was the team "Comrades of the Court," consisting of Luke Arendt, Skyler Cole, Kelley Gates, Anders Lovstuen, Danielle Rix, Nat Roberts, Naomi Simon, and Lexy Walker. The team went undefeated a Regionals, but just missed qualifying for State.

Placing fifth and also going undefeated was the team "Extra Pickly Pickled Peppers," consisting of Hannah Arendt, Liam Chamberlain, Leah Holland, Annika Keefe, Beau Newhouse, Lillian Olson, Lily Sandhorst, Kamryn Steines, Amelia Wadsworth, and Margret Zook.

A large number of Decorah students earned outstanding witness and attorney awards at Regionals, based on nominations from judges.  Named "Outstanding Attorneys" were Hannah Arendt, Luke Arendt, Brady Bohner, Oliver Brummel, Jorja Folkedahl, Annika Keefe, Kate Kelly, Evon Leitz, Anders Lovstuen, Shlok Patel, Brynn Storhoff, Amelia Wadsworth, and Lexy Walker.  Named "Outstanding Witnesses" at Regionals were Hannah Arendt, Luke Arendt, Kelley Gates, Kate Kelly, Simon Kutz, Shlok Patel, Libby Phillips, Liz Pritchard, Nat Roberts, Lily Sandhorst, Abbie Valkosky, and Margret Zook.

Honorable mention outstanding attorneys at Regionals were Edyn Bateman, Grace Blikre, Caden Branum, Annika Brynsaas, Skyler Cole, Caleb Fey, Kelley Gates, Natalie Goodner, Gabe Hiner, Kealy Hines, Elayna Hook, Simon Kutz, Libby Phillips, Liz Pritchard, McKenzie Riley, and Abbie Valkosky.     Honorable mention outstanding witnesses at Regionals were Grace Blikre, Brady Bohner, Liam Chamberlain, Skyler Cole, Caleb Fey, Gabe Hiner, Elsa Johnson, Jensen Korsness, Evon Leitz, Beau Newhouse, Danielle Rix, Naomi Simon, and Brynn Storhoff.

The Decorah Middle School Mock Trial teams were mentored by Decorah attorney Sandra Clason, Judge Marty Lingreen, Luther professor Steve Holland, and high school student coaches Grace Gerleman, Ella Grouws, Dalton Hemesath, Mikiah Krieg, Anya Lovstuen, Ethan Stravers, and Ruby Sullivan. Numerous parents and high school students also volunteered to provide their expertise. Teams are coached by Carole Sand with the help of Sarah Zbornik. Mock Trial is part of the Decorah Middle School Extended Learning Program.

Placing second at Regionals and representing Decorah at the State Mock Trial competition is "Team 7-10": (Front row, from left): Brenna Parker, Abbie Valkosky, Simon Kutz and Shlok Patel; (Back row, from left): Evon Leitz, Jorja Folkedahl, Kate Kelly, and Annika Brynsaas.
Taking third place at Regionals and representing Decorah at the State Mock Trial competition is "Team Pibb Beverage Co.": (From left, going up the stairs): Natalie Goodner, Elsa Johnson, Kamryn Werges, Oliver Brummel, and Edyn Bateman; (From right, going up the stairs): Caleb Fey, Gwenyth Thompson, Kealy Hines, McKenzie Riley, and Grace Blikre.
Winning both rounds and placing fourth at the Mock Trial Regional Competition is the 8th grade team "Comrades of the Court": (Front row, from left): Lexy Walker, Naomi Simon, Luke Arendt, Anders Lovstuen; (Back row, from left): Nat Roberts, Danielle Rix, Skyler Cole, and Kelley Gates. All members of this team were nominated as outstanding attorneys and/or witnesses.
Winning both rounds and placing fifth at the Mock Trial Regional Competition is the 7th grade team "Extra Pickly Pickled Peppers": (Front row, from left): Hannah Arendt, Beau Newhouse, Leah Holland, Lily Sandhorst; (back row, l-r) Liam Chamberlain, Amelia Wadsworth, Annika Keefe, Margret Zook, Lillian Olson, and Kamryn Steines.