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9:00PM UPDATE: Absentee ballots have been counted

Posted: Tue, Nov 5, 2019 8:49 PM

Absentee ballots are being handled differently this election than they are during even-number years.  All absentee ballots will be counted together, with the results separate from the day-of election results.

Here are the absentee ballot totals:

Decorah 2nd Ward:
Emily Neal 114 votes
Dan Kirkeby 32 votes

Decorah At-Large:
Kirk Johnson 194 votes
Gary Rustad 158 votes

Decorah Community School Board (elect two)
Brian Petersburg (inc) 233 votes
John Hjelle (inc) 221 votes
Alecia Bucksa 135 votes
Reginald Sampson 73 votes
Kerry Johnson 64 votes

Once again, the ballots cast on Tuesday will be ADDED to these totals for final totals.