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Decorah City Council members approve a voluntary approach to stopping engine idling

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2019 7:35 PM

A proposed voluntary no-idling education campaign has been endorsed by members of the Decorah City Council.

Mayor Lorraine Borowski, in proposing the idea on Monday night, noted that she is an asthma sufferer.  A previous effort to pass an anti-idling ordinance just over one year ago was not successful, so Borowski is suggesting a voluntary approach.

City council member Johanna Bergan supported the idea, stating, "Idling is not necessary."  She suggested putting the message on digital TV displays throughout town.  The mayor agreed that "we should get it in front of the public" and suggested using Facebook posters and printing posters.

City council member Emily Neal suggested, "Let's make it an ongoing thing."  She said the city's Sustainability Committee could help with the task. 

No formal vote was taken on the proposal, but all those city council members who spoke favored the mayor's idea.