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Ask The Answer Person: "Has Decorah City Council candidate Gary Rustad actually served 20 years on the city council?"

Posted: Wed, Oct 2, 2019 12:39 PM

(One of our readers e-mails: "Since facts are so rare these days I must again mention that Gary Rustad didn't serve 20 years on the Decorah City Council"):

The Answer Person says: "We had to go back into the vaults to get an answer to your e-mail.  Here's what we've learned:

In 1995, Gary Rustad defeated Brandon Schmidt, 607 to 230, and began serving his first four-year term.

In 1999, Rustad lost re-election.  Steve Matter had 822 votes, while Rustad had 617 votes.

In 2001, Rustad ran for the other at-large seat on the Decorah City Council.  He won, defeating Jim Ulring, 1,366 to 922.  This started his second four-year term.

In 2005, Rustad ran for re-election, defeating Gerald Harvey, 1,335 to 496.  This started his third four-year term.

In 2009, Rustad defeated Gary Finholt, 434 to 112.  This started his fourth four-year term.

In 2013, Rustad faced no opposition.  This started his fifth four-year term.

In 2017, Rustad ran for mayor instead of seeking re-election to the city council.  He lost to Lorraine Borowski, 1,403 to 611.  This brought to an end his fifth four-year term on the Decorah City Council--a span of 20 years of serving.

The Answer Person rates Rustad's statement that he has served 20 years on the Decorah City Council as TRUE."