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Letter to the Editor: What a lovely Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

Posted: Tue, Oct 1, 2019 2:03 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Joann Hagen of Decorah):

Dear Editor,

What a lovely Concert Across America to End Gun Violence and a generous offering to support Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center and Iowans for Gun Safety! Thanks to everyone who attended and the great local musicians.

And thanks to Good Shepherd Church for the acoustically perfect site and to Brooke Joyce and David Judisch for coordinating.

So far this year States United to Prevent Gun Violence reports there have been 10,906 gun deaths (remember about two thirds of those are suicides).

21,646 gun injuries, and 309 mass shootings ( 4 or more persons shot)....and the statistics add up.
It should give us all a lift to know that a great many people in this community care and support efforts to address this epidemic of gun violence and will make an effort to move legislators to change the rules.

Want something else to do?

The House has passed legislation to tighten background checks( which we all agree are needed). Call our Senators Grassley and Ernst to urge them to get on board and vote on it in the U S Senate.

Joann Hagen
563 382 6462