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Emergency preparedness drills are a priority at Winneshiek Medical Center

Posted: Tue, Sep 10, 2019 3:43 PM

Each year, Winneshiek Medical Center conducts two emergency preparedness drills, including one that involves other organizations in the community. The next drill will take place this fall, likely in September. Signs will be placed at the Montgomery Street and Ridgewood Drive entrances at the beginning of the drill, and a notice will be posted on Winneshiek Medical Center's Facebook page.

"Emergency preparedness drills help staff practice and refine processes, should an actual emergency incident occur," says WMC Emergency Incident Workgroup Chair Tina Malone. "Our planning group develops specific goals, generally based on (what we've learned) from the previous drill, so we can continually improve our response efforts."

Patient care does not stop during a drill. Continue to report for clinic appointments, or for emergency care, as you normally would.
Additional emergency vehicles and personnel may be in and around the medical center campus. Please do not be alarmed.
Spectators during the drill are discouraged.

Malone adds, "We appreciate community support of our emergency preparedness drills so we can be better prepared to serve them should an incident occur in our community."