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Decorah's summer weather statistics are in

Posted: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 9:17 AM

Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz says Decorah had just 5 days with 90+ degree temperatures this summer, and not even one day with a maximum temperature of at least 95 degrees. On the minimum side, Decorah's temperatures didn't dip below 65 degrees during 29 days of the summer -- eight more days than average. There were four days when Decorah temperatures did not drop below 70 degrees, and two days with a minimum temperature of 75 or greater.

Precipitation was recorded on 27 days this summer (average is 29 days) with a total amount of 15.15 inches (average is 12.90). The average number of days between measurable precipitation events was 4 days.

Bernatz says the most severe summer recorded during the past 124 years in Decorah was the summer of 1901. That year there were 48 days with 90+ degree temperature readings, 30 days with 95+ degree readings and 10 days with temperatures topping out at 100 degrees or greater. In addition to being extremely hot, 1901 was dry too, with only 7.31 inches of precipitation.

In contrast, the summer of 1993 was the "wimpiest," says Bernatz. The maximum temperature reached 85 degrees or higher on just 15 days, and not even one day had a temperature reading of 90 or greater. 1993 is also recorded as being the wettest summer in Decorah's history, with precipitation totaling 29.30 inches.