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Part 3: What will the new Decorah Hy-Vee look like?

Posted: Thu, Sep 5, 2019 1:23 PM
Garner, Iowa, Hy-Vee employee Kristi Ytzen is a Cresco native

It's one of the iconic advertising slogans in the Midwest.  Hy-Vee…"Where There's a Helpful Smile in Every Aisle."

Garner, Iowa Hy-Vee Manager Amber Hawks says it's more than just a slogan, however.  Hawks has been with Hy-Vee for 14 years and has worked at five different stores.  She says she stays with Hy-Vee because of the company's focus on customers and on its employees.

For customers, Hy-Vee stresses service, making sure its employees ask questions and offer help in any way they can.

For employees, Hawks says a lot of attention is paid on coaching them on how to work and act.  The goal, says Hawks, is to support one another at every store.

Roughly 75 people work at the Garner Hy-Vee store.  The Decorah Hy-Vee is forecast to add up to 70 new jobs.  Hawks says that in order to reach the goal of "a Helpful Smile in Every Aisle," Hy-Vee looks for naturally friendly people in its hiring process.  Once those people are hired, the company does a lot of work coaching the employees about Hy-Vee's philosophy.

When the remodeling of the former Quillin's food store is completed, Decorah area residents will have a chance for themselves to see that philosophy in action.