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Part 2: What will the new Decorah Hy-Vee look like?

Posted: Wed, Sep 4, 2019 3:16 PM

As we said in Wednesday's story, there are some departments at the Garner, Iowa Hy-Vee which might—but also might not—be included in the new Decorah Hy-Vee.  Corporate officials say the decision has not been made yet about which departments will be offered in Decorah.

For instance, the Hy-Vee store in Garner has cut flowers.  Garner Hy-Vee store director Amber Hawks says the flowers come from a distributor who delivers flowers on a regular basis.  The floral department in Garner is limited to cut flowers, as well—there's no department preparing bouquets or floral arrangements.

Likewise, the Decorah Hy-Vee store might—or might not—have a bakery.  Hawks says in the case of the Garner Hy-Vee, their baked goods are made at another Hy-Vee 20 miles away and brought to Garner on a daily basis.  Since Decorah is 65 miles from the nearest Hy-Vee, it would either have to have its own bakery department or offer only packaged bakery items.

One department which the new Decorah Hy-Vee might have would be an aisle with specially-priced items.  Hawks says a special "Wall of Values" at her store includes Hy-Vee's own products, many under the "That's Smart" label, and special prices on other products.  There also are red arrows throughout the store which highlight lower prices.

If savings are important to you—and research shows most consumers fall into this category—Hy-Vee has a number of customer programs designed to help save money.  Many Hy-Vees include gas pumps.  The Hy-Vee Fuel Saver Program allows customers to use their grocery purchases to earn discounts on the gasoline they purchase.  The Decorah Hy-Vee will not include gas pumps, but Hy-Vee also has an agreement with Casey's which allows Hy-Vee customers to earn gas discounts at Casey's stations, so Decorah customers would qualify for Casey's gas discounts.

Fuel discounts won't be the only advantage--Hy-Vee's Perks program, which operates using the same card, awards special coupons and prizes to customers.

"That's Smart" items are part of a "Wall of Values"
The Garner Hy-Vee has a wine and beer section
The Garner Hy-Vee carries cut flowers
All Hy-Vees have a meat department