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UPDATE: August was cool and wet in Decorah

Posted: Tue, Sep 3, 2019 10:50 AM

Decorah weather statistician Richard Bernatz says the August weather in Decorah stayed in the trend of cooler and wetter months, although the month was just slightly cooler than average and slightly wetter than average.

August's average temperature of 69.9 degrees was 0.42 degrees less than the 120-year average of 70.32 degrees.  Temperatures ranged from 88 degrees on August 5th (Decorah did not have a day in the 90s) to 49 degrees on August 29th.

4.74 inches of precipitation fell during August, which was 0.67 inches more than average.  The greatest 24-hour rainfall came on August 6th, when 0.79 inches fell.