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Winneshiek County has new protections for employee whistleblowers

Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019 1:23 PM

The Iowa Legislature earlier this year passed legislation expanding the scope of protections for governmental workers who report improper governmental action.  The whistleblower legislation was prompted by scandals in the Waukee School District, where several employees who reported their concerns about several administrators were fired or disciplined.

The legislation signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds extended to local governments as well.  That prompted action by the Winneshiek County Board to approve updates to its policy on Monday.

The updated county whistleblower policy states "all employees and officials are encouraged to disclose, to the extent not expressly prohibited by law, improper governmental action of any County."  The policy also states it will "protect those employees and officials who make good-faith reports to appropriate governmental bodies and to ensure that there will be no retaliation for having made such report."