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Letter to the Editor: It is hypocritical of Tom Hansen to accuse Emily Neal of divisiveness

Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2019 9:57 AM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Jeff Foster of Decorah):

"It is hypocritical of Tom Hansen to accuse Emily Neal of divisiveness. Hansen has repeatedly provoked division in this community--most recently by demanding that the city fly flags with Trump's campaign slogan--and now this? Candidates for Ward 2 City Council seat will stand for election in early November, but Tom Hansen is pushing the city to spend $1,500 to hold a special election in September anyway. When Tom Hansen collected signatures from my neighbors in Ward 2 to challenge Emily Neal's appointment to the city council, did he tell them that they would be wasting $1,500 in hard earned tax dollars? Wouldn't that $1,500 be better spent on fixing our roads? I thank Todd Neal for using his creative yard signs to call out bigotry and fascism when he sees it, but even if you disagree with him, there is nothing to be gained by making Emily Neal stand for election in September and again in November. Talk about divisive. Maybe wasting $1,500 of Decorah's money doesn't matter to Hansen since he doesn't live in town and didn't pay those taxes?"