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Our readers' choice for the worst street in Decorah

Posted: Thu, Aug 8, 2019 3:38 PM

(By's Paul Scott):

Our Unscientific Survey of the worst streets in Decorah has a "winner"--and it's not East Main Street.  No, as one reader suggested, it's:

"East Main Street
East Main Street
East Main Street"

Or, as another put it:

"1. East main St.    (refuse to bike on it)
2. See above
3. Same!"

Suggested a third reader, "Rip it all out, upgrade utilities and pave it."

Why does East Main Street inspire such passion?  It's because while other streets have potholes or crumbling shoulders, East Main Street's actual pavement looks like the Moon's landscape.  There are lots of "craters," but there's also a barren and lifeless look to the pavement.

That's why it got 46 votes as the worst street in Decorah--it deserved it!

We'll let another reader have the final word on why East Main Street should be a paving priority: "Definitely worst in town from what I've seen - indeed, probably worse than the alley behind my house...which is sad!"