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The readers' choice for 2nd worst street in Decorah

Posted: Wed, Aug 7, 2019 2:08 PM

(By's Paul Scott):

Some of the results of our Unscientific Survey of the worst streets in Decorah surprised me.  For instance, I just assumed that everyone would agree that Locust Road is the worst street in the City of Decorah.  According to our readers, it's not.

Yes, it did get 35 votes as the worst street in Decorah--and it deserves it.  It's not just that Locust Road is in bad shape, with erosion along some of the shoulder and terrible pavement.  One reader correctly noted "the forest is reclaiming it!" 

The bigger problem is that Locust Road is one of the busiest streets in Decorah--especially in the morning.  It's a good thing we can't hear what commuters are saying when they get jostled in their cars and trucks.  That's why Locust Road was mentioned by so many listeners, including one who pleaded, "Leave everything alone until Locust Road gets done.  It was supposed to be done 7-8 years ago."

So Locust Road is our readers' choice as the second worst street in Decorah-- which means that the worst street in Decorah will be announced Friday.