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Letter to the Editor: "Trout Run Trail is a gem in our community" --by Karen McLean of Decorah

Posted: Wed, Aug 7, 2019 8:41 AM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Karen McLean of Decorah):

"I would like to publicly express my gratitude for a gem in our community that I sometimes take for granted--the Trout Run Trail. I applaud the visionaries who planned this trail and those that saw it through to its completion. However, what really sets it apart from so many other trails in this region is the day-to-day maintenance by the men and women of the Decorah Parks and Recreation Department. The trail's proximity to the river and passage through low-lying areas present unique challenges following heavy rains that result in mud and flood debris covering the trail. Heavy winds this season have also resulted in breakage of large branches and downed trees that close sections of the trail. Yet, day in and day out the employees of Park and Rec are there--moving downed trees, scraping away mud, and plowing/bulldozing to promote better drainage. Thank you for your hard work. I know I speak for many when I say, 'We appreciate it'."