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Special election is possible in Decorah's Second Ward

Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019 11:26 AM

The vacancy on the Decorah City Council has been filled by Emily Neal, who was approved by the six other city council representatives Monday night and took her seat after being sworn in.

But the results could be reversed by a special election.  In order to ask for a special election (which would carry a cost of $1,500 to hold), 39 valid signatures from Second Ward voters would have to be collected.

That would trigger a special election for the seat.  Special elections to fill vacancies may be held on any Tuesday except for the four Tuesdays before and after the primary and general elections--provided sufficient notice is given to the county auditor.  46 days notice to the Winneshiek County Auditor would be required.

The issue of a special election was raised by some people attending Monday night's city council meeting because they were upset by an anti-Trump sign posted in Emily Neal's yard.  City council member Randy Schissel called the sign "divisiveness."  Neal said the sign was put up by her husband and, while she didn't agree with putting up the sign, she supported her husband's right to do so, saying it was his "prerogative."