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The readers' choice for 3rd worst street in Decorah

Posted: Tue, Aug 6, 2019 10:12 AM
(Photos by's Ben Gardner)

(By's Paul Scott):

I have to admit to being confused by some of the responses to our Unscientific Survey of the worst streets in Decorah.  When some readers e-mailed us with their choice of "College Drive north to Highway 52" as the worst street in Decorah, were they nominating the north extension of College Drive, or were they mentioning College Drive and Pole Line Road? 

City officials have scheduled work on the north extension of College Drive in three or four years as part of a program to improve all the "gateways" to Decorah.  Does traffic heading south from Minnesota enter Decorah on Pole Line Road or College Drive north?  My guess is that Pole Line Road is the route most vehicles take--and it's a poor road once you turn off Highway 52, including a bridge which is way too narrow.

That's not to say the College Drive north doesn't deserve new pavement.  The basic problem is that it still feels like a rural road with narrow width and small shoulders.  The pavement isn't much to talk about, either.

So College Drive north is our readers' choice as the third worst street in Decorah--and I'd agree with that, whatever they meant when they e-mailed us!