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The readers' choice for 4th worst street in Decorah

Posted: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 3:06 PM

(by's Paul Scott):

If Fifth Avenue in Decorah were a quilt, it would definitely be a patchwork quilt.

The street finished 4th in our Unscientific Survey of reader's opinion about the streets in Decorah most in need of repair.  And Fifth Avenue certainly has patches in it.  The street's condition seems to worsen the closer you drive to the Upper Iowa River.

But there have been repairs to the street, including recent repairs in the 800 block.  That means the street looks a little rough, but it doesn't always drive a little rough.  Maybe it just needs a layer of asphalt or some other cosmetic changes, although you'll certainly hit a bump or two when driving on Fifth Avenue.

Patches are most common along the edges of the street
There are certainly problem spots!