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Letter to the Editor: Federal Highway Administration website says bump-outs improve pedestrian safety.

Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019 6:41 PM

The following Letter to the Editor by Gabriel Eide of Decorah is a response to the Letter to the Editor submitted by Chris Evenson (

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts on bump-outs, Chris. I will admit that I just assumed bump-outs were beneficial without doing any research. Your letter prompted me to learn why cities use bump-outs for cross walks.

The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration runs a website called that provides best practices and information for improving safety and mobility for those who walk, as well as bicycle. Your letter got me curious about why we actually use bump-outs and what they achieve. According to , "This countermeasure improves pedestrian crossings by reducing the pedestrian crossing distance, reducing the time that pedestrians are in the street, visually and physically narrowing the roadway, and improving the ability of pedestrians and motorists to see each other."

I agree that we should be concerned about the proximity of children and pedestrians to moving vehicles. Hopefully increased visibility and decreased crossing distance will adjust drivers' behavior to be more mindful and create a welcoming community for all, regardless of their mode of transportation."