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Edna Schrandt honored for her contributions to the Winneshiek County Fair

Posted: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 4:51 PM

Edna Schrandt joined the Winneshiek County Agricultural Association Board in 1992.  The board is responsible for running the Winneshiek County Fair.

Every year since then, she's been a fixture at the fairgrounds, becoming Business Manager of the Fair Board in 1997.  Current Board President Becky Winkler says Schrandt has brought in over $500,000 in sponsorships of the Fair in her 27 years working with the board.

This year will be her last year--officially--working with the board.  A celebration of those 27 years took place--where else?--at the Fairgrounds this week.  Edna and her children and grandchildren enjoyed a piece of cake and heard stories about the contributions she had made.

It's not just the Fair which benefits from her work--Edna has been active in volunteering for the 4-H, United Way, Saddle Club, Pony Express and many other community causes.

A large plaque was presented to Edna Schrandt
Her family attended
A large crowd was on hand
Fair Board chair Becky Winkler and Edna Schrandt