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Testimony has ended in the Jacob Seelinger murder trial

Posted: Wed, Jul 10, 2019 2:12 PM

Jacob Seelinger got a chance to tell his story on Wednesday afternoon in Winneshiek County District Court.  Seelinger is on trial for first degree murder in last July's beating of 47-year-old David Hansen of Freeport.

Jacob testified Wednesday that when he, his mother and his friend Dalton Adam arrived at Hansen's home the night of July 12th, his mother went inside the house to talk with Hansen.  Seelinger said after about 5 minutes, Hansen and his mother came out of the house and approached Dalton Adam and Jacob Seelinger, with Hansen telling the two teens, "It's time for your ass beating."  Jacob testified that Hansen punched Adam first, then Adam swung at Hansen and landed a punch which sent Hansen to the ground. Jacob Seelinger testified, "I saw numerous punches and kicks" from Adam to Hansen.  He testified that he himself did not beat, punch or kick Hansen.

Under cross examination, Jacob agreed that he had spoken to Hansen one week before the fight about the physical abuse Hansen had been giving to his mother.  He also agreed with special prosecutor Scott Brown that he did not either try to protect Hansen or stop Adam once the fight began.  "I was also concerned about my safety, too," he told the court.

Brown also asked Jacob about the video of the police interrogation of Seelinger after he was taken into custody late that evening.  "You are clearly angry in that video," said Brown, to which Jacob agreed.  Brown said Seelinger also stated that night, "I hope he (Hansen) dies," but Seelinger said he did not remember saying that.

Seelinger's testimony wrapped up the defense portion of the court trial Wednesday.  Closing arguments in the case will begin at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the Winneshiek County Courthouse.