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Locust Road project is a "go" for next year

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2019 5:44 PM
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It's not certain what the scope of next year's Locust Road reconstruction will be, but it is certain that the project will take place.  That's in part because there are $1 million in federal road funds which have to be spent next year.

Members of the Decorah Streets Committee tried to resolve their different opinions about the project on Monday evening.  They all agreed Locust Road should be reconstructed from College Drive to Pinecrest.  There was disagreement about the portion of Locust Road from Pinecrest to Highland Drive.  That question could be answered by the bids that are received on the project--the Pinecrest to Highland Drive section will be specified as an alternate.

There was agreement that the Shady Lane to Pinecrest section of Locust Road should not include sidewalks.  Instead a wider roadbed will be laid, with bike lanes on both sides, separated from vehicle traffic by white painted lines and by rumble strips.