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Jail Administrator's compensation will be changed

Posted: Mon, Jul 8, 2019 11:00 AM

The Winneshiek County Jail Administrator recently had her job position re-scored.  That meant the job was bumped up one level in the pay bands on the county's pay matrix.  However, when it was added to the higher pay band, it was also bumped backwards three levels in experience.

On Monday, Sheriff Dan Marx and Chief Deputy Jeff Burns told county supervisors the new pay grade meant the Jail Administrator now has a yearly pay level below that of the Assistant Jail Administrator--even before the assistant gets paid for overtime.

After hearing from Marx and Burns, county supervisor Mark Kuhn agreed, "We have to make some adjustments."  County Board Chair John Logsdon told Berns, "Everything you say is correct."

After some discussion, supervisors agreed the best way to correct the current situation is to allow the Jail Administrator to be paid for overtime, even if the position is a supervisory one not included in the county's union contract.