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Pulpit Rock Brewing Announces Expansion Plans

Posted: Mon, July 08, 2019 4:15 PM

The owners of Pulpit Rock Brewing have finalized their purchase of the former furniture store building next to the brewery, a move that will allow for expansion of the brewery and creation of a new food hall.

The Founder and Chairman of Public Rock Brewing, Pete Espinosa, tells the building consists of roughly two equal halves—around 5,500 square feet of space which will be used to expand Pulpit Rock Brewing and around 5,200 square feet of space in front which will be used to create a new food hall.

As for his plans for the front half of the building, Espinosa says he's planning to create a food hall similar to the Lynhall food hall in Minneapolis, which features a variety of foods for sale from a variety of vendors. The food hall will be a place to hang out and to choose from a variety of foods from several different businesses, including Impact Coffee, Driftless Smoothie and Juice Bar, Driftless Doughnuts, Waving Grains Cooperative Bakery and a grab and go store for people on the run.

As for his plans for the back half of the building, Espinosa says Pulpit Rock Brewing will expand into the area, allowing the brewery to produce more of the special beers which are favorites with its customers.  For instance, the expanded space could house barrel-aged beers like "Gallagher," which is aged in wine barrels.  Espinosa says the barrels used by liquor manufacturers such as whiskey makers can only be used once by those companies, so they welcome the chance to sell the used barrels to beer makers like Pulpit Rock.  Letting the beer sit for a length of time in the barrels "pulls the flavor out," says Espinosa. 

Craft beer customers at Pulpit Rock are of two types, says Espinosa—those who expect to have their favorite beers always on the menu and those who like to keep sampling special beers.  The larger space will allow production of more types of beer.  It will also allow Pulpit Rock to move some equipment out of its current building on Fifth Avenue, creating additional space in the taproom.

Electricians, plumbers and other construction workers have already begun to make changes in the building. No date has been scheduled yet for the opening of the food hall.