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"Old" Decorah Community School Board is now history

Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 9:31 PM
Mike Haluska and Cindy Schissel

The highlight of the last meeting ever of the "old" Decorah Community School Board was a cupcake party in the middle of routine business matters. The cupcakes honored retiring Superintendent Mike Haluska and outgoing Board member Cindy Schissel.

Board members Brian Petersburg, John Hjelle, Ron Fadness, and Krista Vanden Brink will continue onto the newly constituted Decorah Community School Board in July, along with North Winneshiek member Ben Lange.

The last meeting of the board included the standard approval of the amended 2018-19 budget and authorization of year end claims. The district finances were reported to be in good shape as the transition to a new district begins in July.