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first on Decorah Library Board sticks with its June 28th deadline for Toys Go 'Round to move out

Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 6:22 PM

The Decorah Library Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday afternoon to stick with its deadline of June 28th for having Toys Go 'Round move out of the library building.

TGR representatives Judy Mowry and Gwen Van Gerpen said their group has found a new home in Decorah--but it won't be ready to move into on June 28th.  Mowry told Library Board members that a deadline extension would mean TGR wouldn't have to move twice.  "It's going to be a big job," she said of moving the toys out of the library.

Library Director Kristin Torresdal said the library needs to remodel the ground floor of its building this summer, citing a report that is due in October to the Winneshiek County Community Foundation.  Library Board President Andrea Beckendorf added that the library needs TGR to move out of its space so contractors can assess how much work needs to be done to the rooms.

Board member Ed Brooks said he'd like to find a way to keep Toys Go Round in the library building on a temporary basis.  TGR representative Gwen Van Gerpen responded that "anything is helpful at this time."

But the vote to hold to the June 28th deadline wound up being 6-0.  TGR board members will meet Wednesday evening to determine what the organization's next steps will be.